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Giving parents ease of mind. Knowing that their children are in good hands.

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At Scholar Stars, our journey began with a vision nurtured by a passionate and dedicated team of individuals. Our founders, Mustafa Alsagoff and Ashikin Maznan, envisioned a place where young minds could flourish in a nurturing and educational environment.
Their unwavering commitment to early childhood education, years of experience, and boundless enthusiasm have been the driving force behind the creation of Scholar Stars.
Introducing the visionary minds that brought this dream to life.
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Mustafa Alsagoff

With twelve years of principalship at Alsagoff Arab School, Mustafa Alsagoff led the school to being one of the five prestigious Apple Distinguished Schools in Singapore.
His teaching and leadership experience spans across more than 25 years. Starting with managing Alfa Edu Centre, he is currently an education and finance consultant.
As a partner in a consultancy company and his background in Islamic Law, Mustafa Alsagoff works closely with families - from couples who are just starting off on their marriage journey to giving them advice on estate management.
His strong belief in the importance of the family and early childhood education in starting a child’s journey in life right, is the drive behind setting up Scholar Stars.
Mustafa Alsagoff aspires to provide an early childhood institution where our young ones can grow confidently and happily, moving on in their educational journey as successful students; at the same time giving parents ease of mind in excelling at work, knowing that their children are in good hands.
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Ashikin Maznan

Starting with being a primary school teacher for over ten years, Ashikin Maznan was also a teacher in a school for special needs, preparing them for the Workplace Literacy assessment.
Her love for young children led her in taking up the position of a Reading and Writing Specialist in a renowned Preschool chain.
She moved on to become a Senior Preschool Teacher and upon graduating with the Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Leadership, she became a Centre Manager.
Being a music-lover, she put her Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music qualification in Grade 8 (Piano) to good use by developing music curriculum and training teachers in conducting engaging music lessons.
Having seen that the secret to starting off primary school education successfully is a balance in explorative learning and academic routines, she focused on developing a curriculum that provides this balance, amidst a vibrant yet safe setting for the little ones to shine.