5 Genius Toy Picks to Boost Your Child’s Growth

Weekend Vibes! 🌈 Time to see how play shapes learning. Discover toys that boost creativity, coordination, and growth. Let's make playtime count! 🎨⚽ #PlayLearnGrow”

Feb 15, 2024
Toys are the best when it comes to aiding children in their development.
Here are 5 key points in choosing toys that will keep your Little Ones busy while helping them to grow physically and mentally!

1. Toys that keep the Little Ones moving!

Balls, cars, giant blocks, hoops and anything else that need the child to move while playing with them! This will also help your Little Ones in their hand-eye coordination as they try to catch or retrieve these toys that move. The plus point to these toys is that your child will get some physical exercise while playing!

2. Toys that encourage creativity and allow for pretend play!

Children LOVE to create and pretend! Cooking sets, tool sets, dough, dress-up items, Lego blocks are all superb in transporting the Little Ones to a different world. It also allows them to create… be it a menu for dinner, repairing things, building/creating things and many more! While they are playing, you also get to see parts of their daily lives/experiences that they replicate or re-enact. The BONUS - this will give us, the adults, the chance to understand our Little Ones better as we get a little peep into how they interpret and see the world around them.

3. Toys that need problem-solving!

Puzzles, stacking/nesting cups, shape sorters - these are perfect in giving your Little Ones practice in their problem-solving skills! Do be patient (and try your best not to help them!) as you watch your child trying to complete these activities. Cheer them on and celebrate with them for each little success they achieve. They are definitely building up their resilience with these toys!

4. Toys that stimulate the different senses!

Tactile play! Toys with different textures, toys with lights, toys with buttons that make different sounds, toys that are gooey, toys that make sounds when squeezed - these will all stimulate your child’s senses. They will encourage your child to explore and experiment, while building on their cognitive bank, helping them to be more comfortable and confident in making sense of the world around them.

5. Toys that develop fine motor skills!

Toys that involve scooping, threading, pinching, picking, folding, twisting - these will all help your child to develop their grip and strengthen those tiny fingers. Apart from improving their fine motor skills, the Little Ones will also have better hand-eye coordination and a boost in their concentration. What a fun way to teach them life skills, too!
Have fun playing!